She’s Free

The sound of your hands slamming the door shut, The illusions of your finger clutched between my fingers, And the fire behind our misery filled nights, Thinking of our existence, Pondering on and on like a broken tape, Of an unreal and imaginary place where we could be holding each other, In our own shelters, […]

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The helping hands that lifted us when we were down, The poets whose words disguised themselves as hope for you, A stranger’s smile that brightened your otherwise darkened day, The firemen who throw themselves at fires just to make sure you don’t get burned, The camouflaged humble humans making sure we sleep right, The doctors […]

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Death of an Infinity

An end of a chase behind undying lights, A ruin of all that is untrue, A half smoked cigarette on the ground, A half written poem in the diary, A story dead in the middle, A pair of tear filled eyes staring at the ceiling, A letter of truth about the world and wars he […]

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The nights have not seen enough nightmares as much as wars, Crumbling under blankets trying to shut my eyes for once, I tend to believe in hopeless fantasies of being a murder victim, And being the murderer in the same story; My life is a consequence of the chase behind my uncanny dreams, Away from […]

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A word that has defined most of my memories, Played culprit for all my insecurities, While keeping me insane in a darkened room, Gently hidden under three layers of bedsheet, Because the world is too bright to be real, The life is too painful to be fought for, And when the conversation balls are dropped […]

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Sacrifices for better days where I don’t want to die, Desires disguised as prayers to unknowns, Misplaced faith and a backtracking piercing pain; Dear Pain, do you accept isolation as payment? Do you expect me to stay up late nights, Clutching my sharp broken heart And suffocating my freedom of peace? Do you wish that […]

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The catastrophic truth about reality is that it sucks, It fucks up all my plans and aspirations, While gently leaving my guts hanging by a tiny thread, Bleeding around walls that have seen more than its share of punches, The walls that victimized itself to settle my anger, The paints dripping down on the floor […]

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The stories that make us can’t be truer than our personalities, The places we touch and cry at can’t hold memories we quench, The sparkling sunshine can’t be a metaphor for my undying dreams, Because like autumn leaves, I too shall kiss the ground When the going gets tough; I’ve run and run only to […]

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And I am done and honestly tired

Dear Reader/friend/enemy/whoever you are, Poetry was always a product of my depression and anxiety. Attempts to make the voices in my head stop provoking me to kill myself. All my poems or writings are quite on the face and honestly too difficult to digest. I understand that. I understand how negative I am and how […]

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Melodies of the silent night are here for you, my dear, Singing songs that peacefully put you to sleep, Where you get to visit skies with flying elephants, Or talking rabbits or infinite happiness, Anything you want, my love, All powered by your immortal imagination. Seeing you lie here with that smile, Representing everything I […]

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