The helping hands that lifted us when we were down,

The poets whose words disguised themselves as hope for you,

A stranger’s smile that brightened your otherwise darkened day,

The firemen who throw themselves at fires just to make sure you don’t get burned,

The camouflaged humble humans making sure we sleep right,

The doctors whose blood-painted hands don’t let us go extinct,

The warriors of social justice who live to fight for the unheard,

The environmentalists who dedicate their lives vowing to save our blue home,

The engineers who work days and nights to enhance your happiness,

The scientists who stretch universe’s boundaries to find our purpose,

The teachers who birth the infinity of knowledge in your mind,

The artists who represent the beauty of human expression with their creativity,

The singers who saved you on your darkest days,

The feminists fighting for young girls to dream with open wings,

The ones who dare to be different and embrace being misfits,

The ones who are still looking for rays of light and never giving up,

And the beautiful people who made you who you are.

Maybe we have truly alienised superheroes,

Maybe we were so engrossed in fiction that we never noticed,

We never noticed that comics aren’t the only place they populate,

We never noticed that some are right in front of us.


Inspired by “Something Just like This” by The Chainsmokers Feat. Coldplay

Image: Pinterest


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